The Tier 3 site INFN-NAPOLI-CMS is the computing facility installed in INFN-Napoli for data analysis activities of local CMS users.

A User Interface (UI) machine provides local user accounting and resources for interactive analysis. It is installed on a four-processors machine and a total disk space of 200 GB is available for data storage.

A high capacity Storage Element (SE) is employed to store data samples of large size, produced by simulation or collected from pp collisions. A Disk Pool Manager (DPM) system is installed on the disk server and manages the access to the storage system. A total of 25 TB is available on the SE.

The Tier 3 resources are inserted into the Grid computing system to allow analysis in batch mode to any local or remote user both from CMS and from any authorized Virtual Organization (VO).

Executables created by authorized users on any UI can be submitted to the Grid and can run on the site provided it satisfies jobs requirements. Datasets in input to the job have to be resident on the site (this is not anymore a compelling requirement if the Xrootd-based federation is supported).

Jobs sent to Tier 3 INFN-NAPOLI-CMS are managed by a Computing Element (CE) and assigned to Worker Node (WN) machines for jobs execution. Two WN are available, which are installed on four-processor multi core machines,
providing a total of 32 job slots.