Group activities

Search for Dark Matter at LHC


The presence of non directly detectable (“dark”) galactic matter cannot be explained within the boundaries of the standard model of particle physics, and thus represents one of the most compelling evidences for the potential existence of new physics fenomena.

Direct dark matter searches at the LHC can be performed by looking for weakly interacting massive particles produced in proton-proton interactions, allowing to probe an energy regime that is complementary to the one of galactic observations.

The CMS Napoli group has been involved in direct searches of dark matter candidates at the LHC with the Run-II data, in processes where dark matter candidates are produced in association with top quark-antiquark pairs. Dark matter candidates are produced in the final state, and although they do not interact with the detectors, they can manifest indirectly as energy missing for the collision event to have kinetic energy conservation

Physics validation from Physics Analysis Groups (PAGs)

singletopThe Responsible for Physics validation from PAGs works within the PPD/PdmV (Physics Data and Monte Carlo Validation) group of CMS with the following charge:

  • Coordinate and assist the PAG validation experts in order to provide the timely delivery of physics validation of new offline reconstruction software releases, before they are put in production.
  • Establish communication lines and exchange of informations useful for validation, both orizontally (among PAGs contacts) and vertically (with Physics Object Groups - POGs and Detector Performance Groups - DPGs)
  • Promote the use of central software tools in validation procedures
  • Scout for new experts to devote to PAGs validation
  • Invite PAG contacts to make reports in the joint Data Quality Monitoring (DQM)-PdmV meeting on the status of validation within their PAG
  • Coordinate the developments of new projects within physics validation. In particular Francesco Fabozzi is responsible for bringing the Event Interpretation used in physics analyses within validation

Naples group is or has been active in the following fields:

Detector construction

  • Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) construction
  • Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) systems construction
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage system for CMS RPCs
  • High Voltage system for CMS GEMs
  • RPC Project Management
  • RPC Technical Coordination
  • RPC Detector Performance Group (DPG)
  • RPC Detector Control System (DCS)
  • RPC Detector Quality Monitoring (DQM)

Data analysis

  • Higgs search in H→llqq
  • Study of single-top production
  • Electro-weak analysis: measurement of the inclusive Z→μμ cross section
  • Vector Boson Task Force
  • Heavy Stable Charged Particles

Software development

  • Analysis Tools
  • Conditions Data Base

Statistics Committee, Conference Committee

RPC Project management


Our group is responsible of the RPC project managemen since 2010.


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