We offer thesis opportunities in our main areas of activity for both bachelor and master degree:

  • Search for physics Beyond the Standard Model
    • Search for new physics using top quark decays
    • Search for new physics in final states with vector bosons
  • Top-quark physics
    • Measurement of electroweak single-top production
    • Measurement of the top-quark mass
    • Search for rare processes and new physics in single-top events
  • Development of detectors and electronics for CMS upgrade
    • Project and construction of gas detectors (Resistive Plate Chambers and Gas Electron Multiplier) for muon system upgrade
    • Development of data acquisition electronics for RPC and GEM detectors

PhD theses in Physics

PhD theses in Engineering

Master (laurea) theses in Physics

Bachelor (laurea triennale) theses in Physics

Bachelor (laurea triennale) theses in Engineering

Bachelor (laurea triennale) theses in Computer Science



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