NuSym22, International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy (2)


The symposium will address experimental and theoretical investigations of the equation of state of asymmetric nuclear matter. Such investigations include efforts in nuclear structure, nuclear reactions and heavy-ion collisions, as well as in astrophysical observations of compact stars and associated phenomena (neutron stars and core collapse supernovae, among others). Significant implications of gravitational wave signals, soft X-rays, astro-particle physics and neutrino observations will be discussed.

The event is organized and supported by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Catania and Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, and by the Physics and Astronomy Department "E. Majorana" of the University of Catania.

Students and postdocs are especially encouraged to participate and contribute to the scientific sessions of the symposium.

Regsitration, with the possibility of submitting abstracts for oral or poster presentations, is already open and will close on June 30, 2022

More details can be found at the event website:

XIX Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics


The Seminar offers lectures to Ph.D. students, medical physicists and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes.

This event is organized by INFN, University of Sassari and by the SNAKE (Sharing Software Knowledge) non-profit organisation. 

This year the school will host a cycle of seminars on particle detectors, a course on machine learning fundamentals and application in physics and a course on Python programming language.

More details can be found at the event website:

Nuclear reaction measurements in Underground Laboratories

irena.png ChETEC-INFRA_rgb_reduced.png

The Focus Area 1 (FA1) of the International Research Network for Nuclear Astrophysics (IReNA) is concerned with the determination of nuclear reaction rates of critical astrophysical importance in the laboratory using a broad range of experimental approaches. 

FA1 is organizing the first topical meeting jointly between IReNA and the European network activity ChETEC-INFRA. It will take place April 5-8, 2022 at the Rome Global Gateway of the University of Notre Dame located in the center of Rome, IT.

The intention of this topical workshop is to collect information, discover possible synergies and synchronize future activities at different underground laboratories in Europe and the United States.

For more details and for registering please visit the meeting website:

TALENT Course 3 on "Effective Field Theories in Light Nuclei: from Structure to Reactions"


From 25 July till 12 August 2022, the second issue of the TALENT Course 3 on "Effective Field Theories in Light Nuclei: from Structure to Reactions" will be held at the Mainz Institute for Theoretical Physics (MITP) on the campus of the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany;

The TALENT initiative, Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory, aims to provide an advanced and comprehensive training to graduate students and young researchers in all aspects of low-energy nuclear theory. General information on TALENT and past courses can be found at

The goal of this TALENT summer school is to provide the attendees with a high level training on effective field theories for nuclear physics and on the numerical methods to solve the few-body problem for light nuclei for both structure and reaction purposes.


Defining the Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan in Italy


The next years will see the completion of the upgrade programs in the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) laboratories: SPES at LNL (, POTLNS at LNS (, LUNA-MV at LNGS ( These will make available new beams and facilities to the nuclear physics community and it is timely and beneficial to carry out a scientific dialogue on the foreseen prospective physics program for the next 5-7 years’ timescale. The Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan in Italy, organized by the Nuclear Physics Division (CSN3) of INFN, will coordinates these discussions, stimulating new ideas and involving the whole international community interested in such experimentations. The occasion will also involve the interests and the passion of the new generation of nuclear physics researchers that will be the leading forces in the exploitation of the new facilities.

The workshop will provide a unique opportunity for the entire nuclear physics community to come together to document a scientific vision for the future of nuclear physics in Italy. It will aim at identifying the most important questions for the field of nuclear physics and the tools to address them, underlying possible synergies and complementarities among the nuclear physics laboratories in Italy and the different experiments. The workshop will involve national and international potential users, over a broad range of topics spanning from applications to nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure and dynamics. The contributions and participation will be organized in specific working groups coordinated by conveners, with the task to discuss and prepare summary reports during the final events in the laboratories.

The Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan will be organized in a series of sub-workshops that will take place at the South National Laboratory (LNS) on April 4/5, at the Legnaro National Laboratory (LNL) on April 11/12 and at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) and Frascati National Laboratory (LNF) on a date to be defined. In parallel with the organization of the workshop, a review work will be prepared including the physics ideas proposed by the community, under the direction of the conveners.

More details can the found on the event website:

Registrations in the working groups are opened. Agendas and presentations of all meetings will be available at the same website.


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