Installation of the first triple cluster detector of GALILEO


During the week of the 27th of July, the first triple cluster detector of GALILEO was mounted with its anti-Compton shield in the array. The detector is composed of three Germanium hyper-pure crystals installed inside a single cryostat specially developed for GALILEO. The installation of other detectors is scheduled for autumn 2020 and will finally allow to double the detection efficiency of the gamma-ray spectrometer. During the summer, the first tests of the digital electronics will be performed, special attention will be given to the energy resolution, timing and their stability in order to validate the new GALILEO triple cluster and be ready for the physics campaign in autumn.



GALILEO TripleCluster 

First triple cluster detector of GALILEO in the experimental hall II of the Tandem-ALPI-PIAVE accelerator complex of LNL.





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