Gravitational-related collapse Nature Physics paper in the Top 10 list of two important science web-sites

The article recently published in nature Physics, Donadi, S., Piscicchia, K., Curceanu, C. et al.: Underground test of gravity-related wave function collapse. Nat. Phys. (2020)., which presents a new record in the studies of gravity related collapse models of the wave function, proposed by  Lajos Diósi and Roger Penrose (the so-called DP model) aiming to solve the famous measurement problem, realized with an experimental research in the framework  of the Vip collaboration, with Spokesperson Catalina Curceanu and INFN Responsible Kristian Piscicchia, has obtained a very rewarding record: it was selected among Top 10 scientific research achievements, in all research fieldsm by two prestigious scientific web-sites:

1) “Our favorite science news stories of 2020 (nonCOVID-19 edition)” by:

Science - (where the research is at number 2, immediately after a research on virus):

2) and “Les 10 articles que vous avez préférés en 2020”, by, where the research is number 9:

This achievement shows once again how much this type of research, on the foundations of quantum theory, is actual and of great interest not, only for physicists.

The VIP collaboration is currently proceeding with optimizations both of the experimental apparatus and, in collaboration with theorists, including the recent Nobel laureate Sir Roger Penrose, to further theoretical refinements for the verification of models in which quantum theory and gravity are intertwine within the collapse models.

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