Science3IP – the Science trip to the Third Sector Organizations, Institutions and Politics

Science3IP is an innovative scientific outreach program able to directly engage the deputies (or members) of the Assemblea Regionale Siciliana (ARS) and more than 60 no-profit Organizations (included in the regional network called “L’Isola che c’è”) thus establishing, for the first time, a direct partnership between Research, the Community, the non-profit Organizations and the regional Political-Institutional system.

Science3IP is an experimental attempt to transform the target audience – composed of the “L’Isola che c’è” network, the deputies, and some Regional Parliamentary Committee – into an action tool aiming at implementing the outreach program. Dissemination will be made by round tables, participatory workshops and other activities based on mutual learning which encourage brainstorming, views exchange and horizontal cooperation between Research community, Third Sector Organizations, and regional Political-Institutional systems. These methods and tools - inspired by community engagement processes which have been already successfully implemented within L’Isola che c’è network – will turn the conventional outreach approach based on a top-down dissemination in a bottom-up process, thus making the target audience the main instrument of the scientific dissemination itself.
The proposed activities will be coordinated by work-teams having transversal expertise, including INFN technologists, physicists, and members of the partner organizations, with the aim of reinforcing synergies between them and reaching the maximal outreach impact.
More specifically, the project will develop along two macro-phases: first the outreach phase and then the community planning phase:
1. The outreach phase has the aim to raise the awareness of the local community and regional decision makers about the Accelerators Physics and related technologies within PANDORA_Gr3 - Plasmas for Astrophysics Nuclear Decay Observation and Radiation for Archaeometry project. This phase consists of innovative outreach activities based on a horizontal dissemination methodology where the target audience will be a proactive co-protagonist of the process. Some of the proposed main activities proposed are: i) a series of three talks “Scienze3IP talk – meet a scientist”; ii) the realization of a video-telling; iii) the comics workshop “Science Comics” for high schools with travelling exhibition.
2. The community planning phase consists of workshops, some of which will be carried out at “Palazzo dei Normanni”, i.e. the site of the Sicilian regional Parliament. These participatory workshops are thought as opportunities of ideas raising, for sharing goals and perspectives and generating new synergies among the attendees. The main scope is to collect results from the outreach phase and thus making the regional politics for research and innovation more effective, including funding opportunities for scientific research and technology transfer.
Science3IP is an innovative attempt to rethink and plan the local economic recovery by means of Science and Research, fielding the INFN infrastructural and know-how resources. The project - although not a winner of the “Physics Involving People” call – has been deemed worthy to be financed with extra-Call funds since it was considered innovative for its ability to involve Third Sector Organizations and the regional Political-Institutional system.

(V.P. Bonanno, C. Caruso, R. Donato, M. Ferrigno, A. Lipari Galvagno, D. Mascali, G. Mauro, M. Mazzaglia, E. Naselli, M. Nicolosi, A. Pidatella, R. Rácz, G. Torrisi).


In the pictures, some participatory workshop carried out at “Palazzo dei Normanni”, i.e. the site of the Sicilian regional Parliament, between non-profit organizations and the regional deputies on topics of Agriculture, Welfare and social inclusion.

CSN3 Grants and job openings

The position of head of the nuclear science and instrumentation laboratory of the IAEA Laboratories in Seibersdorf (Austria) is open. More details at this link



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