Star Makers: The Energy of Tomorrow

"Star Makers: The Energy of Tomorrow" is a UKAEA film by The Village Films made in conjunction with EUROfusion to celebrate the landmark results achieved at the world-leading Joint European Torus (JET) facility. This behind-the-scenes new documentary follows the team towards the end of 2021 as they overcome great scientific and engineering challenges to achieve a new fusion energy record.

The UKAEA will be live streaming the premiere of the JET DTE2 documentary: Star Makers this coming Thursday, 31 March.

Schedule for Thursday March 31:

17:15 – 18:05 GMT / 18:15 – 19:05 CET – First screening of film

18:05 – 18:45 GMT / 19:05 – 19:45 CET – Panel discussion hosted by Tim Bestwick – with James Gurden, from The Village Films, and members of the cast.

Password: fusion


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