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Physics at AMBER International Workshop (PAW-24)


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the "Physics at AMBER International Workshop“
(PAW-24) to be held at Chateau de Bossey near Geneva, Switzerland
from March 18-20, 2024.

PAW-24 will be the inaugural Workshop of a new series of International
Workshops initiated by the AMBER Collaboration at CERN. The goal of
PAW-24 is to review the recent progress and future opportunities in
forefront research areas of hadron physics related to the AMBER experiment.

The scientific program of PAW-24 includes the following topics, covered by
invited talks:

• Hadron physics with pion and kaon beams
• Antimatter production with proton beams
• Charge radius of hadrons
• Hadron spectroscopy with kaon beam
• Meson structure with dilepton and photon production
• Meson beam lines and instrumentations

You can find the PAW-24 website with more details at

Registration is now open.
The workshop fee is 300CHF. Partial support will be provided for graduate 
students. We highly encourage young researchers to participate in this Workshop.

The scientific program will be complemented with a social dinner and a visit to CERN
and our experiment. We are looking forward to an invigorating Workshop with your participation.

Best regards,

The PAW-24 Local Organizing Committee

Michela Chiosso          (Torino)
Oleg Denisov               (CERN/Torino)
Jan Friedrich                (Munich)
Eva Maria Kabuss        (Mainz)
Anne Lissajoux             (CERN)
Ming Liu                       (Los Alamos)
Jen-Chieh Peng           (Urbana-Champaign)
Thomas Poschl            (CERN)
Catarina Quintans        (Lisbon)
Silvia Schuh-Erhard     (CERN)
Bjoern Seitz                 (Glasgow)
Martin Zemko               (Prague)

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