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Call for 2023 "Theory meets Experiments" School Proposals

Dear Colleagues,

the GGI is glad to propose a new PhD school to promote the interaction between the theoretical and experimental communities by providing lectures covering basic topics from a
theoretical as well as experimental point of view on a proposed argument.
A call is now opened to collect proposals for this first edition of the "Theory meets Experiments" (TmE) PhD school. There are several hot topics in the physics of fundamental
interactions which are suitable for a synergetic approach joining theory and experiments.
The TmE school  will be held at the GGI on 20-24 November 2023  and will be attended by PhD students selected among the theoretical and experimental communities. The student selection
will be done by the Organizing Committee of the school which will coordinate the scientific activity, propose the lecturers and decide about seminars and topical discussions. As for
the other GGI schools, students, lecturers and organisers will have a desk available and will fully enjoy the GGI facilities. A GGI school typically hosts about 50 students.
Proposals for the 2023 TmE School should be submitted by May, 31 2023, by filling this application form.  
A TmE school proposal should contain:
- the names of at least 2 Organizers
- the scientific motivation explaining relevance, current interest and recent development of the proposed topic as well as the expected benefit of the school
- the names of at least 2 Lecturers
All the proposals will be reviewed and selected by a Committee formed by the Presidents of the INFN National Scientific Committees and the GGI Director.   
More info at:

For any question please contact: decurtis at

All the best,
Stefania De Curtis
GGI Director

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