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Summer School on Advanced Artificial Intelligence for precision High Energy Physics (Como, Italy)

Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming Summer School on
Advanced Artificial Intelligence for precision High Energy Physics, hosted
by the Lake Como School of Advanced Studies (Como, Italy) and taking place
on July 17-28 2023. The school is co-organized by the Università degli studi
di Milano (Italy), Nikhef and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The
Netherlands), and the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, Edinburgh
University (UK).

Artificial intelligence techniques are becoming increasingly important in
high energy physics (HEP), with a range of applications that goes from
analytic computations to modeling and optimization. Many of these
applications tackle cutting-edge problems in machine learning (ML), and in
fact address issues, such as the need to accurate uncertainty estimations,
that are often disregarded in the most common ML applications.

The goal of this school is to provide hands-on training on cutting-edge
machine learning methods in HEP by combining extensive advanced courses
taught with extended tutorial sessions.

The topics and lectures of the courses are:

1) Tilman Plehn (Heidelberg University): Machine learning techniques
2) Jennifer Smillie (Edinburgh University): Quantum Chromodynamics
3) Artur Garcia (Barcelona Supercomputing Center): Quantum Machine Learning
4) Maurizio Pierini (CERN): Bayesian methods and data analysis

The school tutorials will exploit as a playing ground the NNPDF open-source
code, which, originally aimed at the determination of parton distribution,
makes use of a variety of current ML, statistical and analysis tools and
techniques of wide applicability to general problems in HEP and beyond.

More information about the school, including registration and travel
logistics, can be found in the corresponding website

No registration fee is required. Lunches and a conference dinner will be
provided for free to participants, however participants will have to arrange
and pay for their accommodation and the other dinners. A number of rooms is
available at the local guesthouse upon request at registration.

We would be most grateful if you could distribute this announcement among
potentially interested candidates. The school announcement can also be found

Apologies if you receive this message multiple times.

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee
Richard D. Ball (Edinburgh University)
Stefano Carrazza (Milan University)
Luigi Del Debbio (Edinburgh University)
Stefano Forte (Milan University)
José Ignacio Latorre (Quantum Research  Centre, Abu Dhabi, and Center for 
Quantum Technologies Singapore)
Emanuele Nocera (Turin University)
Juan Rojo (VU Amsterdam and Nikhed)
Maria Ubiali (Cambridge University)

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