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workshop INFN "Quantum technologies for fundamental physics"

Dear Collegues
The workshop “Quantum technologies for fundamental physics” will take place in Erice
(Centro Ettore Majorana), Sicily, on September 1-7, 2023.
Quantum technologies, such as quantum computation and simulations, quantum sensors,
integrated quantum photonics and quantum materials, are entering the phase in which they
can be actively employed in the most diverse fields. In this workshop we will focus on
applications to fundamental physics, such as search for axion particles, gravitational wave
detection, lattice gauge theories and HEP algorithms. The workshop will showcase advance
research talks by prominent groups, but a large portion of the time will be devoted to
discussing and brainstorming in the beautiful setting of the ancient town of Erice
overlooking the spectacular Mediterranean sea.
The preliminary agenda and practical infos are available at this link:
We expect it will be an actively productive workshop which will be structured in a way to
foster new ideas rather than just to inform on the current state of the art. See you soon in
The Organizing Commitee

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