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"Theory meets Experiments" at GGI Firenze

Dear Colleague, 

The first edition of the school "Theory meets Experiments" will take place at GGI from November 20th till November 24th at the GGI. This year the focus of the school will be on "The high intensity frontier of particle physics". The aim of the school is to prepare the next generation of physicists to leverage the opportunities provided by the upcoming high intensity accelerator programs. It will cover advanced topics in both experimental and theoretical physics as related to accelerators, and foster theory-experiment collaborations that they will need to design tomorrow’s experiments. 

Both experimental and theory students with an eye open to the current experimental program are welcome 
to apply at the link 
where more information on the lectures and the program can be found. 

The two contact persons for the school are:
Roberto Franceschini (Roma 3 Univ. & INFN)  and Diego Redigolo (Firenze INFN)

For organizational purposes we kindly ask the applicants to indicate in the comments if they are theorists or experimentalists and in the second case to specify the experimental collaborations they are part of. 

Best regards  

the organizing team: Caterina Doglioni (Manchester Univ.), Roberto Franceschini (Roma 3 Univ. & INFN), Simon Knapen (LBNL), Diego Redigolo (Firenze INFN)



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