People standing at the Kick Off Meeting of EURO-LABS

The Project


PROJECT ACRONYM: EURO-LABS – EUROpean Laboratories for Accelerator Based Science
PROGRAMME: Horizon EU (Research infrastructure services to support health research, accelerate the green and digital transformation, and advance frontier knowledge)
DURATION:  September 2022- August 2026 (4 years)
CONSORTIUM: 33 participants from 18 countries

The project brings together, for the first time, the three research communities of nuclear physics,  accelerator and detector technologies for high energy physics, in a pioneering super-community of sub-atomic scientists. 

It provides effective access to a network of 45 Research Infrastructures (including 3 RIs with Virtual Access) to conduct curiosity-based research, addressing fundamental questions and technological challenges and advancing projects with broad societal impact, fostering knowledge sharing between scientific fields and enhancing Europe’s potential for successfully facing future challenges.

It allows a synergic implementation of best practices for data management and activities relating to targeted service improvements at these RIs. Joint training activities are foreseen to develop the skills of the next generation researchers to optimally use the RIs services for scientific and technological discoveries.

project map (participants, facilities) - Europe
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project map (participants, facilities)  USA
project map (participants, facilities)- Japan

EURO-LABS is a network of 33 research and academic institutions from 18 countries (25 beneficiaries and 8 associated partners) from European and non-EU countries, involving 47 Research Infrastructures in the Nuclear physics, Accelerators and Detectors pillars. Within this large network, EURO-LABS will ensure diversity and actively support researchers from different nationalities, gender, age, grade, and variety of professional expertise.

Fostering the sharing of knowledge and technologies across scientific fields;
To create synergies and collaborations between the RIs of the Nuclear and High Energy communities;
Building up a super community of sub-atomic researchers and the associated technical staff;
Enhancing Europe’s potential for successfully facing the upcoming new challenges of the coming decades.


  1. Provide efficient transnational access to the available resources at a major fraction of EUROpean Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences (EURO-LABS) at a network including the major European laboratories
  2. Enhance collaborative targeted improvements for the existing services that will lead to an increase of the scientific and technical opportunities at various RIs
  3. Make the results from the tests conducted at the RIs of EURO-LABS during the period of the project freely available to the scientific community and manage the experimental data, when relevant, through a Data Management Plan (DMP) in line with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).
  4. Organize the training of the new generation of researchers and young technical staff to best exploit the RIs, through workshops and hands-on experience at specifically chosen RIs


  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for using the facilities at the Research Infrastructures
  • Technical Support and expertise at the laboratories hosting the RI
  • Service improvement at the RI
  • Training for new users and young researchers

The EURO-LABS project represents a unique and substantial contribution toward a big direct impact in both fronts: increased TA to leading RIs for frontline experiments and R&D, and training of young researchers. This will enhance and strengthen the scientific impact of European research teams at a global level, securing the future of the research in nuclear and particle physics.