WP4 – Access to Research Infrastructures for Detectors


Marko Mikuž (JSI)

This activity aims at providing TA to various facilities having energetic beams (protons, mesons, muons, electrons) and irradiation facilities in mixed hadron and g fields. These measurements are necessary to study the effect of detectors and associated equipment in-beam, required for the detectors upgrades for operation at the HL-LHC and construction of new detectors for the future.

WP Goals

  • Providing transnational access to top level European Research Infrastructures for R&D on HEP detectors
    – TA complement to AIDAinnova
  • Access to RI’s free of charge
    – Tailored to detector R&D where dedicated funding is often a problem
  • Covers 3 types of research infrastructures, grouped into tasks
    – Test Beams (3 facilities)
    – Detector Characterization (2 facilities)
    – Irradiations (6 facilities)
  • Service Improvements at each RI to improve access
  • Research Infrastructures ready to accept EURO-LABS users
  • EURO-LABS WP4 shall facilitate Detector R&D in HEP during the next four years


Task Task Name Subtasks/Activities Task Leader
4.1 Test Beams 4.1.1 CERN PS and SPS test beams
4.1.2 DESY-II Test beam Facility
4.1.3 PSI PiM1 and UCN test beams
Eva Barbara Holzer (CERN)
4.2 Detector characterization 4.2.1 RBI-AC, Croatia
4.2.2 ITAINNOVA EMC Lab, Spain
Fernando Arteche (ITAINNOVA)
4.3 Irradiations 4.3.1 CERN IRRAD, Switzerland
4.3.2 CERN GIF++, Switzerland
4.3.3 JSI TRIGA reactor, Slovenia
4.3.4 IFJ PAN AIC-144 cyclotron, Poland
4.3.5 UCLouvain CRC, Belgium
4.3.6 UoB MC40 Cyclotron, United Kingdom
Michel Moll (CERN)
4.4 Services improvements Aimed at improving access to RI for EURO-LABS:
4.4.1 Data base handling of beam time and irradiation requests (4.1.1 CERN TB, 4.3.1 IRRAD & 4.3.2 GIF++)
4.4.2 Precision motion stages for large detector setups (4.1.2 DESY test beams)
4.4.3 Beam monitor (4.1.3 PSI test beams)
4.4.4 Ion beam focusing lens (4.2.1 RBI-AF)
4.4.5 Cooling System and Graphical User Interface for EMC test station (4.2.2 ITAinnova)
4.4.6 Beam profile monitor (4.3.1 CERN IRRAD)
4.4.7 Cadmium shielding in the tangential channel (4.3.3 JSI TRIGA)
4.4.8 2-D scanning table for irradiation (4.3.4 IFJ PAN AIC-144)
4.4.9 Test chamber for the heavy ions irradiation facility (4.3.5 UCL CRC)
4.4.10 Scanning system upgrade for high fluence delivery (4.3.6 UoB MC40)
Marko Mikuž (JSI)


D# Task Deliverable Name Due date Leader Type
D4.1 4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4 Report on the usage of Access Units for HEP detector R&D 30 Jun 2026 JSI Report
D4.2 4.4 Report on the service improvements in WP4.4 30 Jun 2026 JSI Report
D4.3 4.3 Report on the usage of Access Units for Irradiations 30 Jun 2026 JSI Report
D4.4 4.4 Report on the service improvements in RI’s for Detectors 30 Jun 2026 JSI Report


MS# Task Milestone Name Delivery date Leader Means of verification
MS21 4.1 a) More than 30% of AU delivered 31 Aug 2024 JSI AU usage report
MS22 4.2 b) More than 30% of AU delivered 31 Aug 2024 JSI AU usage report
MS23 4.3 c) More than 30% of AU delivered 31 Aug 2024 JSI AU usage report
MS24 4.4.1 Development and test of the first prototype of the system 31 Aug 2023 JSI Report on prototype functionality
MS25 4.4.3 Prototype and software ready for lab tests 31 Oct 2023 JSI Documentation on software and prototype
MS26 4.4.4 Electrostatic Microprobe Quadrupole Quadruplet Lens Assembly installed and tested 31 Dec 2023 JSI Installation report
MS27 4.4.5 Cooling system developed 29 Feb 2024 JSI Documentation on cooling system
MS28 4.4.6 Upgrade BPM DAQ 31 Aug 2023 JSI Demonstration of BPM DAQ
MS29 4.4.6 ML-based classification and evaluation of the beam profile patterns 31 Aug 2024 JSI Report on ML classification results
MS30 4.4.7 Design of the shielding system including safety related aspects 31 Oct 2023 JSI Design and safety documentation
MS31 4.4.8 Design of the XY table and purchase of materials and equipment for the device 29 Feb 2024 JSI Design documentation
MS32 4.4.9 Design and commissioning of the beam line (vacuum and test chamber) 31 Aug 2023 JSI Report on design and commissioning
MS33 4.4.10 Mechanics of the setup adapted to fit into the experimental area 31 Aug 2024 JSI Design documentation