WP 5 – Open, Diverse and Inclusive Science



María José G. Borge (CSIC)

Euro-Labs through its WP5 will enhance the users diversity (Task 5.1), bring the nuclear physics community into the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) framework, develop services to enhance FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data principles (Task 5.2), promote the use of machine learning (ML) methods to improve beam quality, transport efficiency and accelerator reproducibility (Task 5.3), and train young generations to make the European facilities better performing and more competitive (Task 5.4).

WP Goals

  • Foster the users diversity by engaging people of different nationalities, gender, age and level of expertise
  • Enhance communication on project opportunities and dissemination of the project results
  • Enhance the competitiveness of our research infrastructure and its technical capabilities


Task Task Name Subtasks/Activities Task Leader
5.1 Diversity & Dissemination
  • Provide and maintain the project webpage
  • Provide regular exchanges by the newsletter
  • 4 min videos of all infrastructures involved
  • Communication in different media to better reach the public
Paolo Giacomelli (INFN)
5.2 Open NP: A portal for NP Data and tools
  • Open Science desk
  • Develop a Data Management Plan
  • Develop of an Open NP catalogue of data sets and tools and an associated Open Science Desk
  • Integrate the Nuclear physics community to existing infrastructures and services of EOSC environment
Antoine Lemasson (GANIL/CNRS)
5.3 Machine Learning
  • Provide a ML optimizer toolkit for beam control and optimization of friendly use and that it can be applied at different facilities to improve performances
  • ML will also be used for the source of the laser-driven accelerators will the same spirit
Sabrina Appel (GSI),
co-responsible Sandrine Dobosz (CEA)
5.4 Training
  • Enhance the competitiveness of our research infrastructure and its technical capabilities by training researcher and technical personnel both at the basic and advanced level providing hands-on courses in our facilities
Livius Trache (IFIN-HH),
co-responsible Maria J.G.Borge (CSIC)


D# Task Deliverable Name Due date Leader Type
D5.1 5.1 All research infrastructures videos completed 29 Feb 2024 INFN Report
D5.2 5.1 EURO-LABS users’ diversity final report 31 Aug 2025 INFN Report
D5.3 5.2 Release of the first functional version of the Open NP and data access tools 31 Aug 2025 GANIL Report
D5.4 5.2 The new toolkit deployed at least two facilities and been used optimization 31 Aug 2024 GANIL Report
D5.5 5.4 Report on activities after 2 years, including follow-up from participants 31 Aug 2024 IFIN-HH Report
D5.6 5.2 Final report on Open Science 30 Jun 2026 CSIC Report
D5.7 5.2 Data Management Plan 28 Feb 2023 CSIC Report


MS# Task Milestone Name Delivery date Leader Means of verification
MS34 5.1 One third of the research infrastructures videos ready 31 Aug 2023 CSIC  
MS35 5.2 Definition of the catalogue perimeter, architecture, and standards. Release of terms of reference 31 Aug 2023 CSIC Database validated and web interface released
MS36 5.2 Identification of existing solutions in the EOSC ecosystem and integration of the Nuclear Physics Ecosystem 31 Aug 2025 CSIC Remote-access tools ‘up and running’ at user facilities
MS37 5.3 The source code of the ML toolkit prototype is available on a shared platform 30 Apr 2023 CSIC  
MS38 5.4 Selection of the Training Scientific Board 28 Feb 2023 CSIC