WP4 – Transnational access to Research Infrastructures for HEP Detectors

The Euro-Labs project offers transnational access to 13 different testing facilities across Europe.
Interested parties are encouraged to identify the facility most appropriate for their needs and to check their eligibility before applying.
The programme supports users to conduct testing within three separate domains: Beam test, Detector characterization, Irradiations.

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Type of access Type of beams /
Theory support
Access provider Infrastructure Country Video link Facility Coordinator Contact
TA Beam test CERN PS & SPS International Organization PS-SPS Barbara Holzer
TA Beam test DESY DESY-II Germany DESY-II Marcel Stanitzki
TA Beam test PSI PiM1UCN Switzerland   Tilman Rohe
TA Detector characterization RBI RBI-AF Croatia RBI-AF Stjepko Fazinić
TA Detector characterization ITAINNOVA EMClab Spain EMClab Fernando Arteche
TA Irradiations CERN IRRAD International Organization IRRAD Federico Ravotti
TA Irradiations CERN GIF++ International Organisation GIF++ Paolo Martinengo
TA Irradiations JSI TRIGA Reactor Slovenia TRIGA Reactor Igor Mandic
TA Irradiations IFJ PAN AIC-144 Poland AIC-144 Pawel Olko
TA Irradiations UCLouvain CRC Belgium CRC Eduardo Cortina Gil
TA Irradiations UoB MC40 Cyclotron United Kingdom   Andrew Chisholm