Service Improvements



  • HiRadMAt @ CERN study to use a lower energy extracted beam from SPS (down to 20 GeV if possible) that would open interest for MC studies.
  • FREIA @ Uppsala: new electronics for RF powers to increase the offer of frequencies not jus the ones of LHC, interesting for MYRRHA cavities or others including ILC-type cavities, ambient magnetic field probes for cavity testing, tools to measure online the magnetic field of the magnets while tested at cold.
  • KARA + FLUTE @ KIT : Simulation, measurement and data management framework, basically a framework for experiment preparation and data analysis for the users of the facilities potentially exported to other facilities beyond KIT


  • Data base handling of beam time and irradiation requests (4.1.1 CERN TB, 4.3.1 IRRAD & 4.3.2 GIF++)
  • Precision motion stages for large detector setups (4.1.2 DESY test beams)
  • Bcam monitor (4.1.3 PSI test beams)
  • Ion beam focusing lens (4.2.1 RBI-AF)
  • Cooling System and Graphical User Interface for EMCI test station (4.2.2 ITAinnova)
  • Beam profile monitor (4.3.1 CERN IRRAD)
  • Cadmium shielding in the tangential channel (4.3.3 JSI TRIGA)
  • 2-D scanning table for irradiation (4.3.4 IFJ-PAN AIC 144)
  • Test chamber for the heavy ions irradiation facility (4.3.5 UCL CRC)
  • Scanning system upgrade for high fluence delivery (4.3.6 UoB MC40)