Project Activities

Scientific Coordinator Navin Alahari (GANIL)

Deputy Scientific Coordinators Maria Colonna (INFN), Ilias Efthymiopoulos (CERN), Marko Mikuž (JSI)

EURO-LABS is structured in 6 Work Packages (WPs) and related tasks:


WP # WP Name WP Coordinator Tasks
WP1 Project management and coordination Paolo Giacomelli (INFN) 1.1 Project management and coordination
WP2 Access to Research Infrastructures for Nuclear Physics Adam Maj (IFJ-PAN) 2.1 Stable ion beams
2.2 Radioactive ion beams
2.3 Neutron beams
2.4 Theoretical support
2.5 Service Improvements
WP3 Access to Research Infrastructures for Accelerators Ilias Efthymiopoulos (CERN) 3.1 Material Testing Facilities
3.2 Technology Infrastructures
3.3 Electron and Plasma Beam Facilities
3.4 Applications
WP4 Access to Research Infrastructures for Detectors Marko Mikuz (JSI) 4.1 Test Beams
4.2 Detector Characterization
4.3 Irradiation Facilities
4.4 Service Improvements
WP5 Open, Diverse and Inclusive Science María José G. Borge (CSIC) 5.1 Diversity & Dissemination
5.2 Open NP: A portal for NP Data and tools
5.3 Machine Learning
5.4 Training
WP6 Ethics requirements Paolo Giacomelli (INFN)