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EMC facility at ITAINNOVA

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) facility is located in Zaragoza, Spain.  Since 2008, Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA) has been participating in high energy physics (HEP) projects for future colliders performing EMC studies. The EMC lab is specially adapted to perform non-standard tests focused on HEP in order to carry out noise measurements as well as grounding and shielding diagnosis.  Also, the laboratory is able to perform most of the EMC tests (Emission and Immunity) included in basic and generic standards  for electronic equipment according to the European Directive 2004/108/EC.

ITAINNOVA Semi-anechoic chamber

The EMC equipment at ITAINNOVA consists of :

Semi-anechoic chamber (18x9x7 m) focused on the electromagnetic characterization of mid-scale prototypes of HEP detectors.Semi-anechoic chamber (6x3x3m) for component testing.Faraday cage for conducted emission and transient testing.Equipment to perform transient tests (fast transient, slow transient and voltage dips).Electrostatic discharge (ESD) up to 30 kVCurrent probes to measure and inject conducted noise from 20 Hz up to 400 MHz.Antennas to measure noise from DC up to 18 GHz.RF Generators up to 20 GHz & Amplifiers up to 6 GHz.Spectrum Analyzers and EMI Receivers from 20 Hz up to 28 GHz2 channel oscilloscopes (2 Gs/s).Shielding effectiveness measurement system (20 MHz – 1 GHz).

Transnational access covers

The total period of ITAINNOVA availability for all the EMC tests is estimated to be 5 weeks per year. Two types of access can be provided:

  ► Standard access: for component testing

  ► Extended access: for large or midscale prototypes testing

ITAINNOVA will take care of the operation of the infrastructure, while the user is expected to participate with ITAINNOVA specialists in the definition of the goals of the tests. Users will be responsible for the analysis of the test results. In some cases remote access is possible. Two or three experiments per year are expected.

Faraday cage for conducted emission (RF & transients) tests

Reimbursement Information

Whenever necessary, travel expenses for one person to get access to the facility will be covered by AIDA-2020 for each selected project. The cost of shipping equipment under test will NOT be covered.

Only economy class air travel and second class train travel will be reimbursed.Travel expenses will be directly managed and paid by ITAINNOVA, please contact to in order to organize your trip. The travel expenses cover:Hotel (breakfast and dinner included)Flight tickets (only economy class)Train tickets (tourist class)Local transportation (tram)Name of the user, passport number as well as arrival and departure dates should be provided in advance.All receipts and tickets in original form including boarding cards must be enclosed and returned with the claim. In the case of e-tickets, a copy of the electronic booking confirmation must be attached as well.


For further technical information please contact Fernando Arteche.