Kick Off Meeting in Bologna 3-5 October, 2022

Kick Off Meeting – European Laboratories for Accelerator Based Sciences

People sitting at the Kick Off Meeting of EURO-LABS

The first Kick Off Meeting of EUROLABS to mark the start of the 4 year long EURO-LABS project (Sept 1st 2022) was held in Bologna between the 3rd and 5th of October 2022.  It brought together in the same place, for the first time, a very large number of the key participants of EURO-LABS. Through this first “physical” interaction the various communities were able to have a panoramic and detailed view of the very large number of diverse facilities and the scientific and technical endeavors that are part of this novel project.

It was the first joint meeting of the super community consisting of the Nuclear, Accelerator and Detector communities of High Energy Physics of EURO-LABS. The presentations and exchanges during these three days of the meeting gave a first preview of strengthens and the synergies of these communities of EURO-LABS. The various discussions and presentations addressed various aspects of the project and steps required to ensure an optimum functioning of the project so as maximizing the output of EURO-LABS for our three communities. The first meeting of the Governing Board of was also held during this meeting.

People standing at the Kick Off Meeting of EURO-LABS

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