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Birmingham MC40 Proton/Light Ion Cyclotron

The high intensity irradiation line at the Birmingham MC40 cyclotron provides a beam of 27 MeV protons (40 MeV at extraction), with beam current ranging from around 100 nA up to 2 μA. Samples are scanned across the incident beam (beam spot 10 x 10 mm2) to obtain uniform irradiation, while being kept at -27C (temperature down to -40C possible) and at a relative humidity below 10%.

The facility typically irradiates samples of a few cm2 to doses expected at the LHC and upgrades (few 1×1015 1Mev neq/cm2) within one day of irradiation. An upgrade is planned to provide fluence in excess of 1×1016 1Mev neq/cm2 to match the needs of detector R&D for future facilities.

Access to the facility is remote. Samples for irradiation should be shipped to Birmingham mounted on an aluminium frame, with specifications to be obtained by the irradiation team. Samples are irradiated by Birmingham technical staff.

The fluence delivered is determined by nickel foils, irradiated together with the sample, and subsequently measuring the foil activity by gamma-ray spectroscopy using an in-house HpGe detector. After irradiation, activity of the samples is monitored via spectroscopy, and they are shipped back to the user when activation levels allow an exempt shipment.


For more information please contact the facility coordinator, Dr. Laura Gonella.