Seminar April 22: S. Razamat

On April 22 we will have a seminar by

Shlomo Razamat (Technion)

Title: SQCD and pairs of pants

Abstract: In this talk we will overview some approaches to study 4d strong coupling phenomena. In particular we will discuss a geometric re-interpretation of N=1 SQCD with special unitary gauge groups. We will argue that the 4d SU(M) SQCD in the middle of the conformal window can be engineered by compactifying certain 6d SCFTs on three punctured spheres.  We will also discuss in this context the interplay between simple geometric and group theoretic considerations and field theoretic strong coupling phenomena. We will show how many known and novel dualities and symmetry emergence phenomena of supersymmetric gauge theories, with  simple and semi-simple  special unitary gauge groups, are related to the Weyl group of $D_{6+2K}$.

Meeting information:
22nd of April 14:30 Italian Time
Zoom Meeting

You can watch the recording at