Seminar February 11: N. Gaddam

On February 11 we will have a seminar by

Nava Gaddam (Utrecht)

Title: The black hole eikonal and the information paradox

Abstract: In this talk, I will show that there is a remarkable phase of quantum gravity (which we will call the ‘black hole eikonal’ phase) where gravitational collision energies near the horizon satisfy E >> \gamma M_Pl, with \gamma = M_Pl/M_BH. I will argue that this regime captures gravitational scattering with impact parameters smaller than the Schwarzschild radius. Scattering amplitudes are unitary suggesting a resolution of the information paradox; I will sketch the explicit derivation of the 2-2 amplitude for massless scalars, non-perturbatively in \gamma. Owing to the low energies of collisions, there are no firewalls experienced by infalling observers. A consequence of these results is that the information paradox is an emergent one at low energies and does not require detailed ultra-violet physics for a resolution. 

Meeting information:
11th of February 14:30 Italian Time
Zoom Meeting

You can watch the recording at