Seminar Jul 7: Pietro Benetti Genolini

On July 7 we will have a seminar by

Pietro Benetti Genolini (King’s College London)

Title: Complex saddles and black holes in AdS4


The large-N limit of the superconformal index of ABJM theory is related to black holes that are asymptotically AdS4. The relation can be made more precise by mapping the index to a supersymmetric partition function on a twisted S1 x S2 background, whose large-N limit corresponds to the on-shell action of supersymmetric black hole solutions with appropriate boundary conditions. When computing the large-N limit of the partition function, we encounter a family of complex saddles labelled by an integer. In this talk, I will consider the gravitational dual of these complex saddle points.

Meeting information:
July 7, 2022 @ 2:30PM Italian time (CEST)
Zoom Meeting

This will be a hybrid meeting, taking place in room U2-02 of the University of Milan-Bicocca (building U2, ground floor) in Milan and streamed on Zoom. All are welcome to attend in person.

You can watch the recording at the link