Seminar Nov 30: Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva

On November 30 we will have a seminar by

Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva (MIT & University of Florence)

Title: Enstrophy and black hole supertranslations

Abstract: Enstrophy is an approximately conserved quantity in 2+1 dimensional fluid flows that has dramatic consequences for the phenomenology of nonrelativistic turbulence: it implies an inverse energy cascade. In this talk, I will present an algorithm on how to construct an enstrophy current for generic fluid flows (relativistic and non). In addition, I will show how a subset of certain horizon symmetries of 3+1 dimensional AdS black holes also lead to enstrophy conservation in the dual holographic fluid theory.

Meeting information:
November 30, 2021 @ 4:00PM Italian time (CET)
Zoom Meeting

You can watch the recording at the link

INFN Strings “Young Days”: Nov 16

UPDATE (Nov 17): all recordings and presentations of the Nov 16 event are available at the links below.

On November 16 and December 13 [UPDATE (Nov 10): was December 14], 2021 we will hold the first INFN Strings “Young Days”: on each day there will be two/three 20′ seminars by young researchers (PhD students or postdocs), starting at 4PM Italian time.

We will select a total of up to six speakers: to apply it is enough to fill in the form available at the link

UPDATE (Nov 2): The applications for the November 16 event are now closed. (You can still apply for the December 14 one.) The selected speakers will be contacted soon.

UPDATE (Nov 9): Given the quality of the applicants, the diversity of the topics, the number of applications received, we will host more seminars than originally planned. Each day will be divided into two sessions (a morning and an afternoon one), featuring both in-person and remote seminars. All seminars will be recorded.

The in-person seminars will be held at the University of Milan-Bicocca and live-streamed on Zoom; the remote seminars will be held in the usual Zoom room

Those who wish to attend the meeting in person (many spots still available) should contact the organizers and fill in the (Google) form available at the link the day of their arrival in Milan, or the day before (the in-person speakers should also fill in the same form). NB: the attendees should also fill in, print, sign, and bring with them the Covid form (covid_form.pdf) available at that same link.

The meeting will be held in the Sironi hall ( inside building U4 (, floor -1: as you enter the building, take the flight of stairs immediately to your left, go down one floor, then go right and left around the corner. The room number is U4-8. (Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have problems finding the room.) NB: all attendees will be required to show their EU digital covid pass / Italian green pass at the entrance of the building, and will be required to wear a face mask during the entire duration of the event, and on all university’s premises.

November 16 timetable:

TIMESpeaker (affiliation)Title of talkSlides
9:45 AMGreetings (Zoom room opens)
Recordings morning session 1 (Rota, Segati, Magill)
10:00 AMSimone Rota* (Milan)Conformal S-duality in N=1 SCFTsRota
10:20 AMAlessia Segati* (Milan)Subleading corrections to the Cardy-like limit of the superconformal indexSegati
10:40 AMMatthew Magill (Uppsala)Bonuses from G2 structuresMagill
Coffee break
Recordings morning session 2 (van Beest, De Marco, Sangiovanni, Pellizzani)
11:30 AMMarieke van Beest (Oxford)Connecting 5d Higgs Branches via Fayet-Iliopoulos Deformationsvan Beest
11:50 AMMario De Marco* (SISSA)Higgs branches of 5d rank-zero theories from geometryDe Marco
12:10 PMAndrea Sangiovanni* (Trieste)M-theory geometric engineering of 5d SCFTsSangiovanni
12:30 PMVito Pellizzani (Bern)
Operator spectrum of nonrelativistic CFTs at large chargePellizzani
Lunch break
Recordings afternoon session 1 (Gimenez-Grau, Khanchandani, Quintavalle)
3:00 PMAleix Gimenez-Grau (DESY)Bootstrapping holographic defect correlatorsGimenez-Grau
3:20 PMHimanshu Khanchandani (Princeton)CFT in AdS and Gross-Neveu BCFT
3:40 PMLorenzo Quintavalle (DESY)Multipoint Conformal Blocks from Gaudin modelsQuintavalle
Coffee break
Recordings afternoon session 2 (Ravera, Cesàro, Tonioni)
4:30 PMMattia Cesàro* (Madrid)Insight on type IIB S-folds from Kaluza-Klein spectraCesàro
4:50 PMLucrezia Ravera* (Turin)On the geometric approach to the boundary problem in supergravityRavera
5:10 PMFlavio Tonioni (Liverpool)Misaligned Supersymmetry in String TheoryTonioni
* indicates the seminar will be given in-person

UPDATE (Nov 10): The second of the two Young Days has been moved up to December 13, 2021 due to logistic reasons.

The rules for attending the in-person meeting are the same as on Nov 16 (see above).

The timetable and scientific program will be posted soon.

Fabio and Marco