On the occasion of UN initiative “Orange the world: End Violence against Women and Girls” a day workshop on string theory and supergravity

The program of the day
9:30— 9.55 Yolanda Lozano (U. Oviedo): Non-Abelian T-duality and AdS/CFT: the CFT side
9 :55—10:20 Marika Taylor (U. Southampton): Bondi-Sachs and AdS in general dimensions
10:20–10:45 Marian Lledo (U. Valencia): On quantum superspaces and super projective embeddings

10:45— 11:15. Coffee

11:15–11:40 Gabi Honecker (U. Mainz): Model building tools beyond factorisable tori
11:40–12:05 Valentina Forini (Humboldt U., Berlin): Worldsheet superstrings non-perturbatively
12:05–12:30 Michela Petrini(LPTH-UPMC Paris): Consistent truncations and exceptional geometry
12:30–12:55 Mariana Graña (CEA Saclay): The string landscape

13:00–14,30 Lunch
14,30–15,30 Colloquium/rest
15:30-18:30 Discussions/Brainstorming

The conference is organized by the women of the string group in Torino and supported by University of Torino, INFN section of Torino and Arnold-Regge center.