WP3 – Transnational access to Research Infrastructures for Accelerators

EURO-LABS Supports Transnational Access (TA) to a broad spectrum of installations, to test concepts for future accelerators, based on improving the present facilities, and for R&D studies for future colliders like CERN/FCC or the Muon Collider. These facilities will provide beam lines for testing advanced accelerator materials, superconducting or normal Radio-Frequency cavities, magnets and acceleration schemes.

   The Research Infrastructure videos are in progress. Visit the link to watch them!

Type of access Type of beams /
Theory support
Access provider Infrastructure Country Facility Coordinator Contact
TA Pulsed Beam Material Irradiation CERN HiRadMat@CERN International Organization Nikolaos.Charitonidis@cern.ch
TA Magnet & RF Cavity testing FREIA GERSEMIHNOSS Sweden rocio.santiago_kern@physics.uu.se
TA Magnet & RF Cavity testing INFN-Milano LASA Italy dario.giove@mi.infn.it
TA Magnet Testing INFN-Salerno THOR Italy gamba@sa.infn.it
TA RF technology IJCLab SUPRATECH France david.longuevergne@ijclab.in2p3.fr
TA RF technology & Material testing IRFU-Synergium MACHAFILM CRYOMECH France Sylvie.LERAY@cea.fr
TA RF cavity – X-band test CERN XBOX International Organization Roberto.Corsini@cern.ch
TA Electron beams KIT KARAFLUTE Germany robert.ruprecht@kit.edu
TA Electron beams VELA CLARA UK anthony.gleeson@stfc.ac.uk
TA Electron beams INFN-LNF BTF (BTF1, BTF2) Italy Alessandro.Gallo@lnf.infn.it
TA Electron and Laser beams INFN-LNF SPARC_LAB Italy Alessandro.Gallo@lnf.infn.it
TA Electron beams, material testing LIDYL LPA-UHI100 France sandrine.dobosz@cea.fr
TA Electron beam Irradiation INCT RAPID Poland u.gryczka@ichtj.waw.pl
TA Electron beams CERN CLEAR International Organization Roberto.Corsini@cern.ch