Seminar Feb 1: Carlo Maccaferri

On February 1 we will have a seminar by

Carlo Maccaferri (Torino)

Title: Integrating out in string field theory: effective actions and background independence

I review recent results on the procedure of integrating out unwanted degrees of freedom from a fundamental microscopic string field theory action. A first application is the construction of effective actions/potentials for the strings’ light fields by integrating out massive string fields.  I will give a few examples of D-branes effective potentials obtained in this way. A second, physically different, application concerns analytic classical solutions of open string field theory (OSFT) describing generic D-brane systems in a given closed string background. This time, by integrating out peculiar “pure gauge” degrees of freedom, we can precisely relate the action for fluctuations on the classical solution to the OSFT directly formulated on the new background thus explicitly realizing (open string) background independence. I end up discussing possible new directions for future explorations.

Meeting information:
February 1, 2022 @ 4:00PM Italian time (CET)
Zoom Meeting

You can watch the recording at the link