Seminar Mar 15: Mithat Ünsal

On March 15 we will have a seminar by

Mithat Ünsal (North Carolina State)

Title: Adiabatic continuity, mixed anomalies and semi-classical
description of confinement


I describe an  anomaly-preserving compactification of four dimensional gauge theories, including Yang-Mills theory, its supersymmetric version and QCD, down to 2d by turning on ‘t Hooft flux through a 2-torus. This provides a new framework to analytically calculate nonperturbative properties such as confinement, chiral symmetry breaking, and multi-branch structure of vacua. We give the semiclassical description of these phenomena based on the center vortices, and show that it enjoys the same anomaly matching condition with the original 4d gauge theory. For YM, the long distance theory maps to TQFT deformed by local topological operators. We conjecture that the weak-coupling vacuum structure on small T2 x R2 is adiabatically connected to the strong-coupling regime in infinite volume without any phase transitions.

Meeting information:
March 15, 2022 @ 4:00PM Italian time (CET)
Zoom Meeting

You can watch the recording at the link