Curriculum vitae (2015)


Di Virgilio, Angela Dora Vittoria:

Researcher unique identifier(s) : E-9078-2015, and

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: 14 December 1956


  1.           EDUCATION


1982                    Italian Degree (Laurea in Fisica, before the reform of the University) 


  •           CURRENT POSITION(S)


2002 – 2015        INFN Senior Researcher, Sezione di Pisa, Italy

1986 – 2002        INFN Researcher, Sezione di Pisa, Italy




1984 – 1985        Post-Doctoral Fellow at Purdue University, Purdue, Indiana, US

1985 – 1986        Research Associate of the Purdue University, Purdue, Indiana, US







Her main activity is in research, but she has been thesis advisor and examiner of several thesis (Master and PhD) of the University of Pisa, Siena and Naples. She has been examiner of the PhD thesis of ANU (University of Camberra, Australia) of Bram Slagmolen, and has contributed to the PhD thesis of the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ) of Richard Graham.





2011–                 Organizer of the INFN Workshop “Dark Workshop”, GGI of Florence, Italy, October 2011.

2014-2015           In the Local Organizing Committee of the Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Italy, July 2015.




2008–2015 INFN Commission II (Astroparticle Physics), coordinator of the Pisa INFN Section.

2008-2011   Responsible of the INFN project G-Pisa.

2011-present Responsible of the INFN project G-GranSasso-RD.

2014            Co-Pi of the RLG project (Progetto Premiale Italiano of the Italian institute of standard    INRIM, 2013): a small size RL which will be devoted to metrology with the goal of 10nrad accuracy. It is at the moment under construction. The PI is Marco Pisani (INRIM).



2008-2015       Referee of several INFN experiments.

2015–             Referee for the French ANR.




2006-2009       nominated in the EPS executive committee for two mandates.

2008                part of the Italian delegation to the IUPAP Conference Woman in Physics.

2011                 part of the Italian delegation to the IUPAP Conference Woman in Physics.

2011-2014       in the Editorial Board of Il Nuovo Saggiatore, journal of the Societa’ Italiana di Fisica.



  •           CAREER BREAKS


Short breaks for the two pregnancies in 1993-1994, and 2000-2001.




More than 200 papers published in refereed journals, excluding all papers published in conference proceedings and special issues. 
 Figure and table below show the number of citations per year and the details of the papers. 

Total Articles: 240

Sum of times cited: 6020

Average citations/articles: 25.51

h-index: 39


Funding ID

Present Experiment


Founding Agency















10-year track-record


She has been active in several experiments, the main are CDF and VIRGO. In CDF she has participated to the construction and calibration of the central calorimeters, to the online software of the experiment and as well to the analysis for the preliminary study of the calorimeters and other parts of the detector.

Regarding Virgo, she has been a member of the initial group that designed from scratch this innovative long-baseline gravitational wave detector and developed early demonstrators of the key experimental building blocks, contributing to the establishment of the large French-Italian collaboration. She was involved in the design, calibration and test of high-complexity / high-precision mechanical and optical systems.

Building on this background and this experience, in 2007 she started a development activity in the area of ring lasers, introducing this area of research within INFN.


2006-2011 In 2006 she has started a collaboration with a group of the University of Pisa with a strong expertise in Laser physics (Prof. Beverini). The main objective was to start an experimental line on ring-laser study and development.
In 2007 she proposed to INFN a new experiment, called G-Pisa, in collaboration with the Universities of Pisa and Naples and the external participation of the German colleague Ulrich Schreiber.
G-Pisa has been financed by the INFN Commission V with the aim of:


  • acquiring a sound expertise on high sensitivity ring-lasers, with the aim of developing a high sensitivity devise to measure rotations, for applications to Gravitational Waves research

  • developing an new experiment based on RL.


The G-Pisa prototype has been constructed in 2007-2008; it was the first working device (high sensitivity) with active control of the perimeter, able to operate continuously and unattended for months. G-Pisa has been installed in the Virgo central area, and has been operating there for about one year (2009-2010). A small part of this installation has been financed by the EGO consortium, which operates the Virgo antenna. It has provided there a suitable environmental monitor. In 2010 the Pi has coordinated the work of all the physicists involved in the Design Study of an experiment to measure the Earth gravito-magnetic effect (Lense-Thirring); this work has been completed in July 2010, later on this proposal has been called GINGER (Gyroscopes IN GEneral Relativity).

2012-present after the publication of the Design Study, the experimental activity of G-GranSasso/GINGER has become part of the activities of the INFN Comm. II, which takes care of fundamental physics programs. In this 3 years the group has been enlarged with physicists and engineers from the Universities of Padova and Napoli. At the international level, a large number of institutions -- INFN, the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Department for Earth Sciences of the Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU), Germany, and the University of Canterbury (NewZealand) have signed an MoU related to GINGER. GINGER has not been financed yet, but all above Institutions are currently working in the direction of making GINGER a reality. In 2014 a large amount of work has been done on modeling and hardware developments focusing on the following main directions:

1)             the design of the ‘heterolithic’ RL and its control has been studied;

2)             a test facility, the prototype GP2, has been realized to test the control of the geometry; GP2 is now operational and the first results are expected by the end of 2015

3)             the large RL GINGERino, 1.36m in side, has been built inside LNGS and it is at the moment in the commissioning phase.


OTHER ACTIVITY: Contralto singer, solo and coro, for:

   Classic Barocco Music (Palestrina, Haendel, Vivaldi, Cavalli etc.)

   Italian Opera (Rossini and Donizetti)

   Lieder (Shubert, Brams and Strauss)