Villi Award 2023 Assigned

The "Claudio Villi" Prize for the best doctoral thesis in nuclear physics discussed in the period from 1 June 2022 to 31 May 2023 was awarded to the following theses:

Dr. Marta Polettini “Beta decay studies as a tool to investigate nuclear structure in the n-rich Po-Fr region and in p-rich Cd isotopes” Univ. of Milan.

Dr. Francesco Mazzaschi “Unveiling the (anti-)hypertriton properties with ALICE at the LHC” Univ. of Turin.

The award ceremony took place during the CSN3 meeting of 19 April 2024 held at the Hotel Savoia in Genoa and was chaired by Dr. D. Bettoni, member of the INFN Executive Board, by the President of CSN3 dott. R. Nania and the President of CSN3 in pectore Dr. P. Giubellino.

A special mention was given to the following theses:

Dr. Riccardo Mucciola “Neutron capture and total cross section measurements of 94,95,96Mo at n TOF and GELINA” Univ. of Perugia

Dr. Chiara De Martin “Understanding the production mechanisms of particles with strangeness in pp collisions with the ALICE experiment at the LHC” Univ. of Trieste.





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