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Frontiers in Physics (IF=3.718) and Frontiers in Astronomy e Space Sciences (IF=4.055) have recently published (Jan. 4th, 2023) an open-access special issue dedicated to nuclear physics and astrophysics in laboratory magnetized plasmas. 
This issues collects 11 contributions including the idea, the physics and technology, the theoretical studies and the expected results of the PANDORA project, supported by INFN 3rd Nat. Sci. Committee. The project goal is to measure for the first time β-decays in magnetized plasmas, especially for those elements involved in the s-process nucleosynthesis; in addition, plasma opacity measurements relevant in astrophysical scenarios such as kilonovae ejecta will be possibile.

Edited by David Mascali (INFN-LNS), Sara Palmerini (UniPG e INFN-PG),  Giuseppe Torrisi (INFN-LNS), Giacomo De Angelis (INFN-LNL), Domenico Santonocito (INFN-LNS) and Karl-Ludwig Kratz  (Johannes Gutemberg University, Mainz, Germany).
Published in: Frontiers in Physics Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences

The special issue is now available in e-book format. More info and the open-access download is possibile in pdf and/or ePUB formats, from the following URL:
Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics in Plasma Traps

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