Defining the Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan in Italy: LNS and LNL events

On April 4/5 and 11/12 the first workshops of the series dedicated to the definition of the "Nuclear Physics Mid Term Plan in Italy" were held, dedicated respectively to the research conducted at the National Laboratories of the South and the National Laboratories of Legnaro. The workshops represent a unique opportunity for the entire nuclear physics community to come together to define a scientific vision for the future of nuclear physics in Italy, in light of the completion of the upgrade programs in the laboratories of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Each event involved more than 270 Italian and foreign participants, in presence and online, who discussed a wide range of topics ranging from applications to nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure and dynamics, with a significant participation of the new generation of nuclear physics researchers who will be protagonists in the use of the new research infrastructures.
More details can be found on the event website: and on the INDICO pages of the individual workshops: (LNS) 28717 / (LNL) where presentations by the conveners are also present, result of the synthesis work of the working groups.
The organization of the next events is underway at the Gran Sasso National Laboratories and the Frascati National Laboratories, which will be held in autumn.







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