Meeting with the Italian Ambassador in Canada

On the occasion of the assembly of the S2006 experiment at the TRIUMF (spokesperson Marco La Cognata (ASFIN), Daniele Mengoni (GAMMA) and Antonio Caciolli (LUNA)), the researchers of CSN3 received a visit from His Excellence the Italian Ambassador to Canada Andrea Ferrari and of His Excellence the Consul General of Vancouver Fabio Messineo. The experiment is aimed at measuring neutron-induced destruction reactions of 26Al, with the aim of understanding the formation of the solar system's rocky planets and the rate of formation of neutron stars.

The authorities visitedt our measuring point to greet us and discuss both the objectives of the research and the restart of scientific activities in collaboration between Italy and Canada, after almost two years of substantial interdiction to foreign researchers.

It was a fairly informal and very stimulating discussion given the many questions that the ambassador and the consul general asked us. To celebrate the meeting we took a group photo in which, in addition to the ambassador (fifth from the right) and the consul general (in the center with the red tie), there is the director of the TRIUMF, Nigel Smith (on the far left), and the deputy director of TRIUMF with responsibility for research, Reiner Kruecken (right).



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