INFN Strings “Young Days”: Dec 13 & Dec 16

UPDATE (Dec 9): The timetable and scientific program of both events (Dec 13 & Dec 16) have been published here below. (All times are CET.) All recordings and presentations will be uploaded during the days following the events.

UPDATE (Dec 5): There will be 2 Young Days, on Dec 13 & Dec 16, 2021. The Dec 13 event will be fully online (zoom talks only), whereas the Dec 16 one will be in hybrid mode (zoom talks in the morning, in-person talks also streamed on zoom in the afternoon). All seminars will be recorded and posted online for your convenience.

The timetable and scientific program will be posted soon.

Those who wish to attend the Dec 16 event in person should follow the same rules as on Nov 16 (see here below). There will be a (complimentary) social dinner on the night of Dec 16: please send us an email ASAP if wish to attend it.

UPDATE (Dec 1): The applications to give a 20′ seminar are closed.

Rules for attending the in-person meeting at the University of Milan-Bicocca (Sironi hall, building U4, floor -1):

1) Those who wish to attend the meeting in person (many spots available) should contact the organizers and fill in the (Google) form available at the link the day of their arrival in Milan, or the day before (the in-person speakers should also fill in the same form). 

2) The attendees should also fill in, print, sign, and bring with them the Covid form (covid_form.pdf) available at that same link. (All attendees will be required to show a valid EU digital covid pass / Italian green pass at the entrance of the building, and will be required to wear a face mask during the entire duration of the event, and on all university’s premises.)

December 13 timetable:

TIME (CET)Speaker (affiliation)Title of talkSlides
9:50 AMZoom room opens
Recordings morning session 1 (Di Giulio, Arduino, Pekar)
10:00 AMGiuseppe Di Giulio (Würzburg)Complexity of mixed Gaussian states from Fisher information geometryDi Giulio
10:20 AMAndrea Arduino (Torino)Noncommutativity Rescues Open String and QFT in Time-dependent OrbifoldsArduino
10:40 AMSimon Pekar (UMons)Flat space higher-spin
symmetry algebras in any dimensions
Coffee break
Recordings morning session 2 (Gregori, Majumder, Youmans)
11:30 AMDaniele Gregori (Bologna)Integrability and cycles of deformed N=2 gauge theoryGregori
11:50 AMSuvajit Majumder (City)Protected states from
AdS3 integrability
12:10 PMDonald Youmans (Bern)Holomorphic maps of two-dimensional complex manifolds into toric targets and type A multistring theoryYoumans
Lunch break
Recordings afternoon session 1 (Guerrini, Mann, Pasternak)
2:30 PMLuigi Guerrini (Parma)A duality for the BPS latitude Wilson loop in ABJMGuerrini
2:50 PMJeremy Mann (DESY)Multipoint Conformal Blocks and their Vertex Integrable Systems
3:10 PMAntoine Pasternak (Stanford)Dynamical supersymmetry breaking in string theoryPasternak
Coffee break
Recordings afternoon session 2 (Naegels, Podo, Esposito)
4:00 PMDaniel Naegels (ULB)Fractons in effective field theories for spontaneously broken translationsNaegels
4:20 PMAlessandro Podo (Columbia)Integrating out beyond tree level for relativistic superfluidsPodo
4:40 PMAngelo Esposito (IAS)An EFT viewpoint on condensed matterEsposito
All times CET

December 16 timetable:

TIMESpeaker (affiliation)Title of talkSlides
10:20 AMMeet & Greet (Zoom room opens)
Recordings morning session (Sperling, Fardelli, Sterckx, Ramirez)
10:30 AMMarcus Sperling (Yau Center Nanjing)Magnetic quivers and strongly coupled Higgs phases of theories with 8 superchargesSperling
10:50 AMGiulia Fardelli (Uppsala)Quarter-BPS operators in N=4 SYM: a case studyFardelli
11:10 AMColin Sterckx (ULB)S-folds: symmetry breaking and marginal deformationsSterckx
11:30 AMAnayeli Ramirez (Oviedo)Advances in AdS/CFT in lower dimensionsRamirez
Lunch break
Recordings afternoon session 1 (Mignosa, Ruggeri, Bajeot)
2:30 PMFrancesco Mignosa* (SISSA)On fixed points and phase transitions in five dimensionsMignosa
2:50 PMLorenzo Ruggeri* (Uppsala)SYM theories on CP2
3:10 PMStéphane Bajeot* (SISSA)Dualities from deconfinementBajeot
Coffee break

Recordings afternoon session 2 (Ferrero, Lichtig, Billo)
4:00 PMPietro Ferrero* (Oxford)Branes wrapped on supersymmetric spindlesFerrero
4:20 PMDaniel Lichtig* (SISSA)CFT, special functions and SUSY gauge theoryLichtig
4:40 PMDavide Billo* (Firenze)Holographic and QFT Complexity with angular momentumBillo
6:00 PM & 8:30 PMCocktail Hour & Social dinner
* indicates the seminar will be given in-person. All times are CET