Seminar March 26: M. Taronna

On March 26 we will have a seminar by

Massimo Taronna (Napoli U.)

Title: Bootstrapping (A)dS exchanges

Gravitational observables are inherently holographic in nature. When the asymptotic boundary of space time admits a canonical definition of time this allows to use standard principles of Quantum Mechanics to describe such observables. On the other hand the situation is not clear otherwise. This is the case in dS space where the boundary is space-like. Nonetheless bulk causality must be imprinted at the boundary in some way. In this talk I will discuss how to bootstrap tree level amplitudes both in AdS and dS. I will fix from first principles the form of such holographic observables discussing their singularities. In AdS I will also discuss how the knowledge of exchange amplitudes alone allows to derive non-perturbative constraints on CFT correlators writing down extremal functionals for the CFT bootstrap in arbitrary dimensions

Meeting information:
26th of March at 14:30
Zoom Meeting

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