Line 6: Applications and societal benefits

Coordinators: G. Bisogni, M. Osipenko

Experiments of this area exploit nuclear physics methods and technologies for applications of interest to society.

FOOT (FragmentatiOn Of Target) is, for example, an applied nuclear physics experiment that aims to measure the cross section in fragmentation processes relevant to the definition of treatment plans in particle therapy and to the radiation protection of astronauts in long-term space missions. These high-precision measurements are carried out by detecting with a dedicated experimental apparatus the nuclear fragments produced in targets composed of biologically relevant elements by light ion projectiles (protons and ions up to 160) at different energies (100-800 MeV/u). The experiments are conducted both at the GSI laboratory in Darmstadt (Germany) and at the CNAO in Pavia, the only Italian facility and among the few in the world dedicated to carbon ion therapy.

The TORIO-229 experiment studies the lowest nuclear isomeric state Th229m, of interest for metrological and fundamental physics applications. The energy of this nuclear level is located in the VUV light zone around 150 nm, accessible with high monochrome laser systems. A cryogenic microcalorimeter based on Transition Edge Sensors is used to measure the energy of Th229m in its IC decay. In addition, the experiment looks for gamma decay of Th229m in high bandgap crystals.


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