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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Technology Transfer

What partners say about us

In 2015, the INFN launched a project to study how impact and value are created for the companies with which it collaborates. With the contribution of the Carlo Cattaneo University (LIUC), a questionnaire was implemented and administered to the companies, to give voice to their perspective. The information asked the companies are related to the macro-dimensions: economic, relationship with the market, learning and innovation, alliances and network, social impact.
The collected reports were about 160, for types of relationships that include the supply, the high-tech supply, the order and the development.

What do companies say about us? They have witnessed a positive impact obtained from the collaboration with the INFN that goes beyond the immediate economic impact for any contracts obtained. First of all, the acquisition of technical skills (especially in the case of job orders) in the learning and innovation dimension; indirect effects are connected to this: the increase of market share , the acquisition of new customers and the entry into new markets.


According to the companies, knowledge and relationship with the market is intensified thanks to the relationship with the INFN. As a further benefit, companies indicate an improvement in their image and credibility on the market.
A range of impacts, during the entire period of collaboration with a company. A relevant element, considering that typically in the basic research field the impacts are to be considered on a long-term perspective.

Why is this project important? In the field of publicly funded research, the ability to exploit resources more efficiently and effectively is a topical issue, also in the light of the crisis that has led to a narrowing of available resources. Research organizations have the responsibility to demonstrate their contribution in generating social and econimic impact. This is not an easy task though. The literature shows that the impact of basic research generated through the transfer of knowledge and technology is a complex subject, made both of a direct economic impact (such as the productivity increase for a company), and of indirect benefits (as the acquisition of skills to solve more complex problems). Furthermore, often uncodified knowledge is transferred through publications and written material, with unstructured processes.

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